- EMMS 6 - Electrical Machines Modular System 3 kW

The Electrical Machines Modular System EMMS 6 is a pedagogical means of modern design and compactness which can be installed in a laboratory of only 20 m.
Designed for maximum modularity and for clear and easy creation of all electrical and mechanical connections.
Operational safety is ensured by comprehensive safety precautions and protections like full protection of every rotating element, safety bushing 4 mm for inputs and outputs. Power module provides automatic guards on each output, it also contains tools that facilitate measurements.
Electrical machines are built according to the standards of industrial production; durability is guaranteed thanks to the use of high quality materials.
A course of theory and practical step-by-step guide to making all the tests.
These electrical machines have a power of about 3 kW but they can be supplied optionally with other powers.

-General Description
-Assignments List
-Variable Loads, Rheostat
-A.C./D.C. Power Supply
-A.C. Electric Machines
-D.C. Electric Machines
-R - L - C - Loads
-Controls & Regulation
Brakes & Torque Meters
-AC/DC Measuring & Software
Dissectible Machine
Sectioned Machines

EMMS6 Catalog (PDF)

EMMS advantages:

  • Quick mounting and simple circuits
  • Safety at work by multiple protective devices
  • All rotating parts are protected
  • Long life thanks to the high quality of the components
  • Entrances and exits on safety sockets
  • Little area occupied at work and storage
  • Manuals with theory and practice of progressive difficulty
  • Power supply with measuring instruments and protections on each output
  • With machines and actual industrial performance
  • Overload protection optional temperature sensor and fuse systems
  • All modules are available table-top or panel-mounting
  • Compatible with the latest converters and DC and AC speed regulators.
  • COMPOSITION of the system EMMS
  • Single power supply for all machines, motors, generators, brakes, transformers, etc.
  • Complete availability of all modules starting Rheostats, excitation and field regulators
  • Measurement modules protected
  • Balanced loads and non-equilibrees resistive, inductive and capacitive
  • Tachometers, dynamometers and torquemeters
  • All modules accessories and connection cables
  • Electronic regulators for speed motors continuous, three-phase
  • Each electric machine is mounted on a base plate allowing quick coupling in groups of several machines.
  • Specific solutions have been adapted to streamline the approach of the student and the philosophy of the system is designed for educational purposes.
  • The system is available for a 220-230/380-400V three-phase electrical network but can be supplied on request for other voltages come 48V o 110V

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