E.M.M.S. 6 - Electrical Machines Modular System 3 kW
Transformers are used in all power classes both in industry and in domestic appliances. They are used for the conversion of voltages and current. The training system is based on transformers with a power rating of 3000 VA. Training topics covered:
  • Complete and simplified equivalent circuits; measurement of the individual variables
  • Transformation of current and voltage
  • Measuring the rush current using an oscilloscope
  • Measurement and calculation of the no-load values
  • Measurement and calculation of the short-circuit values
  • Measurements with a variable load R, L & C
  • Determining the efficiency
  • Evaluating the measured values
  • Phase angle between primary and secondary windings and the effect of asymmetric loading in the circuit groups Yy, Yd, Yz, Dy

Single Phase Transformer 3kVA

Primary and secondary windings are divided in several sections to allow many possibilities of connections.
220/110V primary/secondary.
Primary: 2x110V ac;
Secondary: 2x55V ac;
Power: 3000VA; Frequency: 50-60Hz;
Weight: 29kg;

Three-phase Transformer

Three phase transformer realised in didactical version.
Each primary and secondary windings are divided in two sections to allow many possibilities of connection including zig-zag.
Primary:400V (3x2x115V)
Secondary: 230V (3x2x66,5V)
Power: 3000VA; Frequency 50/60Hz;
Dimensions 50x30x25 cm; Weight: 31kg.


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