39-100 - Refrigeration Air & Conditioning Trainer

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trainer

A complete Refrigeration and Air-conditioning course

The 39-100 unit is supported by well programmed instructional manuals.
The Student's and Instructor's manuals have been carefully written to provide all the background notes and methods needed to run a successful course.
The course takes the student with no previous experience or knowledge of refrigeration principles right through maintaining a 'real' system.
This step-by-step approach allows for assessment of plant operation operation by observation of actual conditions as would be experienced in practice.

The Instructor's manualThe Instructor's manual has been carefully cross-referenced to the Student's manual. It explains in detail the underlying theory of each practical assignment. The manual also contains the necssary information for the setting up of advanced assignments. Details are given of problems that may arise due to student error. Student assignments incorporate a section for private study and detailed answers are given in the Instructor's manual to these questions. Routine maintenance and overhaul of the unit are both covered.

The Student's manual
The Student's manual starts with an introductory survey that covers the refrigeration cycle in a simplified form, description of principal components, specialised tools and workshop methods, electrical components and diagrams. It then provides 24 practical assignments sectioned under the following headlines:-

1. Unit Performance and Operation.
2. Abnormal Operating Pressures.
3. Refrigerant Changes of State.
4. Compressor Testing and Overhaul Work.
5. Thermostatic Expansion Valves.
6. Removal of System Contamination and Plant Charging.
7. Electrical Components and Controls.
8. Air Conditioning Fundamentals.

An important feature of this course is that the student gains practical experience not only in identifying faults, but in the correct technique for isolating the faulty component, carrying out the correct remedial action and then returning the unit to its correct operating condition.

Additional Teaching Courseware 39-810

In addition to the two manuals, the 39-100 courseware includes a set of lecture notes which assumes no previous knowledge of the subject on the part of the student.
Every lecture has been carefully written by an experienced lecturer with considerable industrial as well as teaching experience.
Class questions with appropriate answers are included so that the instructor can test the student's understanding of each topic before progressing to the next.
A Refrigeration Technician's Pocket Book which identifies and discusses most common faults is also supplied. A full set of transparencies, for use on an overhead projector, completes the courseware. These offer the instructor maximum assistance in explaining the relevant key points. The package is available seperately as 39-810.

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