Dry Film Laminator
Tinning Machine
Galvanic Plant


The laminator allows to pre sensitise the boards for printed circuit single or double side or any other plan material of different thickness till a maximum of 3mm.
The useful width is 430mm.
The heating system is realised through heated rollers.
This allows to the dry film to adheres better to the support, furthermore it is possible to use different types of photosensitive material, photosensitive solder resist included.
The possibility to change the progression speed and the temperature of the heating roller allow to obtain the optimum working condition according to the material which has to be pre sensitised and t the type of used dry-film.

Technical characteristics:
  • Heating rollers dimensions 510mm
  • Useful width 430mm
  • Max. thickness 3mm
  • Rollers speed 0/3M/min
  • Rollers temperature 80/150C
  • Weight 20Kg
  • Supply 220V 10A

This machine allows the tinning of the printed circuits' tracks, in this way they are protected from oxide and could be soldered in a better way
. The upper roller is coated with a layer of silicone rubber; it is height adjustable to allow a correct pressure depending on the thickness of the printed circuit.
Temperature in visualised on a display.
Thermostat is controlled by means of a platinum probe dipped into the tin which allows to keep the tin at the same temperature during the processing.
Furthermore a safety thermostat prevents the roller from accidental switching on of the rollers during the period necessary to the tin, presents into the melting pot, to reach the melting point.
Rollers speed is controlled by means of an electronic system which regulates the revolution number, keeping constant the supplied power of the motor.
Machine frame is steel inox made in order to be protected from the corrosion.

Roller length 600mm - Temperature 0/400C
Electronic thermostat with platinum probe - Display for temperature
Speed regulation of rollers rotation - Height regulation of the press roller 0/10mm
Resistance 2 x 1200W - Heating time 30' approx.
Steel inox frame - Adapter for the external smoke drain
Supply 220V 50Hz - Weight 70Kg - Absorption 2600W
External dimensions 900x300x450mm

It allows a quick and safe realisation of prototypes and small series of printed circuits with metallized holes.
The equipment is realised in antacid PVC and it is made up of 14 tanks: No.12 tanks of about 10 litres and No.2 tanks of about 15 litres.
Low voltage resistance for the heating of the chemicals and low voltage commands are provided to warranty safe operation and operator security.
Realised in PVC with metallic frame with antacid protection
Transparent PVC cover for development baths protection, when the system is not used.
Max. boards size 200x300mm; Possibility to treat more board contemporary

Technical specifications
No.14 tanks with drain tap
Bubble action by means of a motor reducer
No.4 tanks with timer controlled heating
No.1 central tank for the running water, with sprinkle on both sides for boards' washing
Tank capacity: about 10 litres; Tank with electrolytic copper: about 15 litres
36 displays timer for the progressive positioning of the boards during the production
Sequence indicated by means of warning horn
No.2 ammeters placed on the commands panel to control the correct current absorption
External dimensions: 101x90x116cm
Supply: 220V Absorption: 1600W

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