We introduce single-phase 2 poles generators with brushes made according to the main international standards.
They are available in outputs from 1,7 up to 8kVA at 3000 r.p.m.
Because of their extremely simple circuits these generators are particularly reliable.

Housing in aluminium extruded section into which a stator pack is inserted.
Such stator pack is obtained from low loss magnetic sheet.

Front and rear shields are in die-casting aluminium alloy with ventilation opening protected by heat resistant mesh.
Rotor in magnetic sheet slotted to protect the rotor winding from overspeed .
Shaft in C40 steel, self-lubricated bearing with double seal protection (2RS).
Axial ventilation with polyamide fan - radial blades.

Accurate machining of coupling elements guarantees an easy and sure assembly.
Generators are manufactured with shapes B5 / B9 and B3/B14 with dimensions and coupling flanges as stated in the overall dimensions table.
Stator winding insulated according to F class, H class rotor impregnated with epoxy varnish.
The normal degree of protection is IP121 according to UNEL 05515-71 and IEC 34-5 international standards.
On request is possible to supply IP23.

The data stated in the tables are applicable to following conditions: environmental temperature not exceeding 40C - height not exceeding 1000m a.s.l. - continuous duty.
Self-excitation is by residual magnetism, whereas self-adjustment is obtained by the compound system.
With generator running, voltage accuracy is kept within 5%. With full load on at cosø=1 to 0.8, the voltage drop is kept within 8%.
three-phase asynchronous motor starting: With a 20% drop at terminals the generator delivers current equal to ~ 3ln (three times the rated current).
With a symmetrical short-circuit the current remains more than 31n (three times the rated current).
With full load on the voltage returns to its rated value in about 0.1"

2 POLES 230/400V - 3000 rpm - 50Hz
Single Phase Synchronous Generators
Values at rated output

CODEPower kVAVoltageBattery Charger
GSM1,71,722012V - 15A
GSM2,22,222012V - 15A
GSM2,72,722012V - 15A
GSM3,53,522012V - 15A
GSM4,54,522012V - 15A
GSM5,55,522012V - 15A
GSM6,56,522012V - 15A
GSM8822012V - 15A

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