Electromechanic bench
  The structure is made in tubular steel 20x80 with thickness 20/10.
The electronic measure board is made steel sheet; the working surface is in laminated wood with softened corners which avoid the presence of dangerous "sharp" edges.
All the metallic components of the bench have been antirush treated and oven varnished with epoxy oven paint.
On the electric desk all indication, necessary to understand immediately commands and functions, are reproduced in silk-screen system, absolutely indelible.
The board on the long side of the bench is perfectly symmetric and allows the simultaneous work of two students.
It provides the following outputs:
- double section A.T. which provides the 3-phase line voltage 220V or 380V + N + Ground
- double section B.T. which provides the 1-phase voltage 12V and 24V (or 48V if required)
- double section "SERVICES" with single-phase lines 220V + Ground and double line circuit testing.
- 2 circuit testing to verify the continuity of the installation.
Dimensions: LxWxH: 2000 x 1000 x 900mm; Weight: 99kg;

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