E.M.M.S. Electrical Machines Modular System 0,3 kW
 A.C. Power Supply Module MOD.3002

Mod.3002D (with digital instruments)

MOD.3002 - A.C.  power supply
It is used for electrical supply of all A.C. 0,3kW EMMS machines.
- Power requirements: 380/415V, 3PH + N + PE;
- General protection with high sensitivity magneto thermal differential (0,03A)
  automatic circuit breaker.
- Mushroom emergency push-button;
- Key consent for all outputs
- All outputs are protected by means of automatic magneto thermal circuit breaker.
- Analog or digital instruments

3 phase adjustable output: 0-400 1A; L1, L2, L3, N, PE
- protection with magneto thermal automatic circuit breaker.
- with 1 x A.C. voltmeter
- with 3 x A.C. ammeters (one on each phase);

Single phase adjustable output: 0-230V 2A.
- protection with magneto thermal automatic circuit breaker.
- with 1 x A.C. voltmeter;
- with 1 x A.C. ammeter;

- 1 service single-phase safety universal socket 10/16A.

Dimensions: LxWxH: 50 x 35 x 35cm; Weight: 18kg;

      -All power supply (standard models):

3-Phase Variable
1-Phase Variabile
Mod.0000 0-48V - 10A 0-48V - 10A 0-36V - 2A 24V - 10A 36V - 4A
Mod.3000 0-420V - 2A 0-240V - 2A 0-230V - 1A 230V - 16A 220V - 3A
Mod.4000 0-420V - 3A 0-240V - 4A 0-230V -1,2A 230V -16A 220V - 5A
Mod.5000 0-420V - 5A 0-240V - 8A 0-230V - 2A 230V - 16A 220V - 5A
Mod.6000 0-450V - 8A 0-240V - 10A 0-230V - 2A 230V - 16A 220V - 10A
Mod.7000 0-450V - 10A 0-240V - 13A 0-240V - 3A 230V - 25A 220V - 15A
Mod.8000 0-450V - 13A 0-250V - 16A 0-240V - 5A 230V - 25A 220V - 20A
Mod.9000 0-450V - 20A 0-250V - 25A 0-240V - 8A 230V - 25A 220V - 20A
      In addition to standard solutions, other desk can be realized on request.

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