ELECTROPNEUMATIC BENCH allows a complete and in-depth study of all the arguments concerning Electropneumatics. The staffing of bench, enables you to develop more than 30 pneumatic control exercixes.
A wide range of operative solutions facilitates the students and optimizes learning-time of general concepts about Pneumatics.
It uses only very good quality industrial components.
The structure of the bench is made of robust steel folded, electrically welded, with a thickness of 15/10, varnish baked by dust epoxy. It is complete of base and with feet pressed for a perfect adaptation to the ground.
To enable students the immediate identification of the components, the table is divided into sections separating clearly the pneumatic part from the electrical.
All components are mounted on special perforated bars with slots for easy training course on the basis of the exercise that has to be accomplished.
To simplify the didactic activity present components, such as electrical, mechanical and pneumatic (in low voltage) are endowed with fast clutch fasteners and terminals for electrical connections, protected.
Bench is supported by a series of manuals with a large number of exercises guided and detailed. Thank to the increasing difficulty it allows students to quickly achieve the educational goals established.
Bench also comes full with all wires, tubes and any other necessary accessories for an easy and immediate starting.

N. 2 Micro actuator single acting, diameter 20 stroke 50 mm,
- Pressure 2-10 bar
N. 2 cylinder double acting diam. 32 race 100 mm,
- Pressure 1-12 bars
N. 4 stroke-end sensor
N. 4 flow control online
N. 4 mechanical limit switch roller sensor
N. 4 pressure regulator from 0 to 8.5 bars and up to 20 bar
N. 2 gauge, pressure 0-10 bar
N. 2 sensor equipped with a comparator effort
N. 2 pressure gauge 0-12 bars
N. 3 4/2 monostable solenoid, press. 1,5 to 7 Bar - 24 VDC
N. 8 valve 3/2 monostable. Pressure 12 bars - 24 VDC
N. 3 5/2 bistable solenoid. Pressure 1,5 to 7 Bar - 24 VDC
N. 2 transformer 24V - 40V
N. 2 mounted power card 24/12 V
N. 2 body dynamometer
N. 2 Piston dynamometer
N. 2 fuse 2A
N. 2 fast fuse 0.5 A
N. 2 useful pressure gauge 1-10 bar
N. 1 control panel including:
  • N. 2 button fixed to 2 positions
  • N. 2 pushbutton
  • N. 2 switch 3-position recall at the centre
  • N. 2 Contact button to close pulse
  • N. 2 contact Element
  • N. 2 LED light indicator

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