Electrical motor construction

Construction and assembly of electrical motors
Machines for electric motor skein and rotor windings


Stator holder for coil insertion

For motors up to 4kW of max. power. Very useful for coil insertion into the electric motor's slot..
  • Max stator weight admitted: 96Kg;
  • Height: 500; Lenght 130mm ;
  • External diameter: 420mm ;
  • Internal useful diameter: 350mm;
  • Weight Kg 10
    For motors up to 10kW. Very useful for coil insertion into the electric motor's slot..
  • Max stator weight admitted: Kg 160;
  • Height: 900; Lenght: 700mm;
  • External diameter: 600mm;
  • Internal useful diameter: 600mm;
  • Weight 70Kg

  • IT.0473

    Manual coil extraction set
  • Consisting of a sturdy frame with stator clamping devices
  • Extraction via a hand lever with pivot
  • For the clean extraction of stator windings with minimal damage to the laminations
  • Supplied with one set of extraction tongs
  • For maximum stator diameter of 400mm
  • Dimension 900 x 600 x 170 mm
  • Weight 170Kg



    Stator Cut off Machine
    Quick and effortless removal of the heads of stator coils
  • Stator clamped internally and centrally
  • 2-speed motor
  • Manual height adjustment
  • Supplied with one adaptor for discs with 6 mm bore
  • Stator bore 50-280 mm
  • Comprising special self-centering stator clamp which is rotated as the stator head is cut.
  • Hand crank adjustment for cut-off motor height
  • Stator height up to 350 mm
  • Excellent method to cut-off the end windings of stators prior to extraction

  • IT.0475

    Coil Inserting Stator Machine
    Hank inserting machine for coilings of electric motors, for the repair and construction of small series. The inserting machine allows the insertion of hanks in stators, having a size of MEC - IEC 56-132 (Kw 0,09-:-9) without using tools constrained to the laminations block.
    For a MEC 90-36 stator 4 pole slots 8-10ยท12 coiling pitch, six slots at a time could be inserted simultaneously. The total coiling time for each stator is of 10-15 minutes.
    Furthermore, the machine allows the insertion of hanks in special motors in which the excessive length of the stator block and its small internal diameter do not allows otherwise the operator to proceed manually.
  • Weight: 210 Kg

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