PC Benches - Special solutions

Basic bench cm. 200 x 100 x 65-90 (h);  (Any other dimension on request.)
Sectional-steel made frame mm.80x20, rust-resistant and epoxy oven-varnished without solvents.
Cylindrical legs diam. mm 80 x 20 with levelling-feet that allows the adjustment on irregular floors.
Worktop laminated wooden made, PVC rimmed with wrap-around corners.
Weight of the frame, without accessories: 68kg.
Admissible loads without any warping: 800 kg.
Drawers with knob and key.
Shelves with height and width on request.
PC holders.

Bench equipped with double shelf on the 2 meters side.
Possibility to equip the bench with one or two transparent tip-up doors with key-lock.
Possibility to place on the upper part transparent tip-up doors with key-lock.

Example of bench equipped with double shelf (or double desk).
Possibility to place a desk on side or in centre of the long side.
Possibility to place one desk on the short side.
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