E.M.M.S.- 4 Electrical Machines Modular System 1kW
System Description
This modern system is a complete and compact teaching mean which can be accommodated on a standard 2-meter laboratory bench.

By virtue of its compactness and low cost, compared with large industrial machines previously used, training establishments containing a number of our systems can maintain a higher through- put of students in the same laboratory area.

Particular advantages of EMMS system are:
Clearly arranged for a swift set up of all electrical and mechanical connections;
Operating safety by clear assignment of supply voltage and complete set of security devices:
- no projections of rotating parts;
- protection of all rotating parts;
- low operation power, thereby minimising the risk of accidents;
- durability by the use of high grade materials;
- standard 4 mm CE safety sockets an all inputs/outputs connections;
- very small space is required for use and for storage;
- a step-by-step course of theory and experiments is described on each book included with each electrical machine;
- power supply module provides also metering facilities and circuit protections;
- machines based on industrial standards, with real features (NOT SPECIAL VERSION for educational purposes only);
- all table top unit can be used in a frame system also;
- laboratory console (or bench) is equipped with four swivel casters to provide mobility;
- compatible with all other our programs;
- future-oriented thanks to the possibility to adapt to new technologies;
- optional overload protection with temperature sensor protected by a fuse;

EMMS consist of:
- universal power supply module used for all models;
- set of motors, generators, transformers, brakes etc. which are the equipments for practical execution of experiments and measures;
- set of meter modules designed to cover a complete range of measurements with a minimum number of meters;
- set of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads housed in separate modules, and designed to provide balanced or unbalanced RLC loads;
- set of accessories as:
- - connection leads;
- - tachometers;
- - dynamometers;
- - starting and excitation rheostat;
- modules for electronic regulation of d.c. and a.c. motors;
- computerised system for data acquisition and data management designed to plot curves and to storage complete lessons;

Each machine is equipped with its own universal support which allows a very easy way to match all machines;

EMMS' s machines are NOT designed for educational purposes ONLY, but are the same machines which are normally employed in industry.

Particular solutions has been used to simplify the student's approach and the system philosophy has been designed for educational purposes only;

Machines are available with different operative voltages as:
- main voltage (127/220V) 50-60Hz;
- main voltage (230/400V) 50-60Hz;
- main voltage (240/415V) 50-60Hz;
- main voltage (24/42V) 50-60Hz;

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