Measure Current Transformers  

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TAR26Toroidal, Class 1, 5VA; hole diam. mm.26Primary from 100A to 600A
Secondary 1A - 5A
TAR26PWith Winded Primary, 3VA, Class 1;Primary from 5A to 50A
Secondary 1A 5A
TAWWinded primary Cl. 1 3VA;
Primary bar 30x3mm; Nut M12
Primary from 100A to 50A
Secondary 1A - 5A
TA30Cl.1; 3VA; Primary bar 30x100mm;
Hole diam mm.28
Primary from 100 to 600A;
Secondary 1A - 5A
TA40Cl.1; 5VA; Primary bar 40x100mm;
Hole dia. mm. 30
Primary from 200 to 1000A;
Secondary 1A - 5A
TA60Cl.1; 10VA; Primary bar 1x60x10 or 2x50x10;
Hole dia. 50 mm;
Primary from 200 to 2000A;
Secondary: 1A - 5A
TAS2Class 1; 10VA;
For primary bars of max 60x15mm
Primary from 200 to 1500A;
Secondary: 1A - 5A
TAS3Class: 1; 20VA;
For primary bars of max 103x60mm;
Primary from 800 to 3000A;
Secondary: 1A - 5A

Price in EURO - Ex works, packed for one sample
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