The CAR ELECTRICITY is an affordable and highly efficient modular training kit designed to bring the trainees to a good level of skilled practice at car maintenance. Learners become naturally familiar with the different types of car components and with their correct electrical interconnection.
The CAR ELECTRICITY consists of a set of unbreakable pre-wired panels on which all the main electrical components in a car design have been assembled. To allow easy connections and circuitry modifications, the kit panels are equipped with safety terminals.
Main features common to all the panels:
- painted and engraved isolating
- support panel
- safety terminals 4 mm.Ø plugs for electrical connections
- shaped back cover
- system for the fast coupling and uncoupling from the panel holder
The kit components are:
left headlights group, right headlights group, left taillights group, right taillights group, left commutator/switch group, right commutator/switch group, relays group, fuses group, warning lights group, panel with the DC motor and the mechanical brake, metal frame panel holder, user's manual with exercises, multi-plug safety conductors, original car spare parts
On the customer 's request the kit can be expanded with more components or with other electric or electronic sets.
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