015 Vcc
010 Amp

AR100 - 0-15V; 0-10A regulated Power Supply

  output voltage (V)

The 'PROFESSIONAL' power supplies to variable voltage are the ideal combination for use in electronic workshops, plates repair in the information technology sector, teaching and servicing.
-Particularly suitable for feeding apparatuses to non-standard voltage.
-Series or common-zero connection options.
-Adjustable output voltage.
-Protection against short circuits and overloads by means of current limitation, adjustable from zero to I max.
-Display of voltage or output current on high brilliance inch display unit.
-Facility for constant current operation, important when recharging storage batteries.
-Constructed with discrete components and standard integrated circuits in order to facilitate servicing.
- Metal case with epoxy resin finish.
output current (A)

current continuous service to the maximum voltage(A)

6 Amp
digital output meter

3digit + 3digit
input voltage

230 Vca 10%50Hz
operating temperature

-10C +45C
mains protection

output protection

output stability


main-output insulation

V=2,5V1' R >100Mohm
dimensions: (w, h, d)

200, 120, 325 mm

5,70 Kg
exploitable current in relation to the set voltage exploitable current in relation to the set time