• Variable Hold-off
  • Z-axis Input
  • EXT X Operation
  • CRT Cursor Readout for Amplitude & Frequency Measurement
  • Digital Frequency measurement upto 100MHz
  • Bandwidth Limit
  • Small Size, Light Weight, Low Power Consumption
  • Easy Operation, Quality, Reliability & Stability
  • 2mV/div Sensitivity
  • Dual Time Base
  • 0.5s/div to 50ns/div Main Time Base with 22 Calibrated Steps
  • 50ms/div to 50ns/div, Delayed Time Base with 19 Calibrated Steps
  • x10 MAG
  • Single Sweep
  • Auto Ranging Facility - Automatically Optimizes the Sweep Time
  • Trigger Lock Facility
  • Signal Delay Line
  • 17KV PDA
  • 150 mm, 8 x 10 cm Rectangular CRT
  • A and B Time Bases in ALT Mode
Technical Specifications
Deflection Coefficient (CH1 &CH2) 2mV/div to 5V/div in 11 calibrated steps in 1, 2, 5 sequence. Uncalibrated variable control between the steps upto atleast 12.5V/div.
Accuracy ▒5%.
Bandwidth DC-100MHz (-3dB), dc coupled
10Hz-100MHz (-3dB), ac coupled
DC-20MHz (-3dB) (dc coupled) on 2mV range
10Hz-20MHz (-3dB) (ac coupled) on 2mV range.
Rise Time 3.5ns or less, 17.5ns or less on 2mV.
Polarity Reversal CH2 invert.
Input Impedance 1M ohms // 25pF.
Maximum Input Voltage 400V (DC + AC peak) <1KHz.
Vertical Modes CH1, CH2, CH1 & CH2 in dual mode (ALT/CHOP), CH2 INVT, CH1 & CH2 in Algebraic ADD & SUBTRACT.
Bandwidth Limiter Frequency response can be limited to approx. 20MHz by bandwidth limiter switch.
Operating Modes A, A&B ALT, B, EXT X.
Sweep Mode Auto, Normal, Single sweep & Auto range sweep.
A Time Base 50ns/div to 0.5s/div (50ns/div to 50ms/div at x10 MAG) 22 steps in 1-2-5 sequence, variable vernier control (range 1:2.5). (UNCAL - CRT Read out indicator) provides fully adjustable sweep time between steps.
Accuracy ▒5%.
Hold-off Time Variable hold-off.
B Time Base (Continuous triggered delay) 50ns/div to 50ms/div (5ns/div to 5ms/div at x10 MAG) 19 steps in 1-2-5 sequence.
Accuracy ▒5%.
Delay Jitter 1 : 10,000.
Sweep Magnification x10 ▒10%.
Trigger System Source 1. INT : CH1 or CH2
           2. EXT : AC, DC, DC¸10, LINE
Slope : + or -
Mode : AUTO, NORM, TV-V, TV-H, Trigger Lock.
External Trigger  
Input Impedance 1M ohms ▒5% // 30pF ▒5pF.
Max. Voltage 400V (DC + AC peak) <1KHz.
Trigger Sensitivity  
NORM : DC - 20MHz - 1 div
20MHz - 100MHz - 1.5 div
AUTO : 30Hz - 100Hz - 1.5 div
100Hz - 20MHz - 1.0 div
20MHz - 100MHz - 1.5 div
TV : 1.5 div

DC - 20MHz : 50mV PTP
20MHz - 100MHz : 150mV PTP
TV : 150mV PTP.

Sensitivity 0.1V/div, 1.0V/div (¸10).
Bandwidth DC ~ 2MHz (-3dB).
Phase Shift <3║ (DC ~ 50KHz).
Digital Measurement System  
Frequency Measure Range 20Hz - 100MHz
Frequency Measure Accuracy
Freq. Range Display Mode Resolution
20Hz<f<100Hz 99.9Hz 0.1Hz
▒1 digit
100Hz<f<1KHz 999.0Hz 1Hz max.
1KHz<f<10KHz 9.990KHz 0.02KHz Max.
10KHz<f<100KHz 99.99KHz 0.02KHz max.
100KHz<f<1MHz 999.9KHz f<972KHz 0.2KHz
f>972KHz 2.6KHz
1MHz<f<10MHz 9.999MHz 0.003MHz max.
10MHz<f<100MHz 99.99MHz 0.03MHz
Cursor Readout DV : 4 digit display Two horizontal cursor lines (DV).
DT : 4 digit display effective range : ▒3 div.
1/DT : 4 digit display Two vertical cursor lines (DT, 1/DT), effective range : ▒4 div.
Type 150 mm rectangular with internal graticule.
Display Area 8 x 10 div (1 div = 1 cm).
Accelerating Voltage 17KV.
Phosphor P31.
Trace Rotation Front panel adjustable.
Z-Axis (Intensity Modulation) TTL level or 5V +ve going signal decreases trace intensity.
Freq. Range : DC - 5MHz.
Input Resistance 20K ohms ▒10%.
Max. Input 30V (DC + AC peak).
CAL OUT 0.5V p-p ▒2%, square wave 1KHz ▒10%.
TRIG SIG OUT Output outlet for triggering source or signals selected by X switch.
Power Requirement 100V - 250V, 48Hz - 440Hz, ▒5% 40VA.
Dimensions 280 (W) x 130 (H) x 370 (D) mm approx.
Weight 6 Kgs. approx.
Accessories Instruction Manual, 2 High impedance x1/x10 switchable probe, Mains cord.