• Continuous Variable Hold-off
  • Z-axis Input
  • X-Y Operation
  • TRIG VIEW Facilit
  • 2mV/div Sensitivity
  • Dual Time Base
  • 0.5s/div to 20ns/div Main Time Base with 23 Calibrated Steps
  • 50ms/div to 20ns/div, Delayed Time Base with 20 Calibrated Steps
  • x10 MAG
  • Calibrated Delay Time Multiplier
  • Signal Delay Line
  • 14KV PDA
  • 150 mm, 8 x 10 cm Rectangular CRT
  • V Mode Triggering
  • A and B Time Bases in ALT Mode
  • CH1 Signal Output
Technical Specifications
Deflection Coefficient
(CH1 &CH2)
2mV/div to 5V/div in 11 calibrated steps in 1, 2, 5 sequence. Uncalibrated variable control between the steps upto atleast 12.5V/div.
Accuracy ▒3%.
Bandwidth DC-100MHz (-3dB), dc coupled.
10Hz-100MHz (-3dB), ac coupled.
DC-50MHz (-3dB) (dc coupled) on 2mV range.
10Hz-50MHz (-3dB) (ac coupled) on 2mV range.
Rise Time 3.5ns or less, 7ns or less on 2mV.
Polarity Reversal CH2 invert.
Input Impedance 1M ohms // 22pF ▒10%.
Maximum Input Voltage 400V (DC + AC peak).
TRIG View Amplifiers Ext. TRIG A & B.
Sensitivity 0.5V/div and 5V/div.
Accuracy ▒10%.
Bandwidth DC-60MHz (dc coupled), 10Hz - 60MHz (ac coupled).
Rise Time 5.8ns or less.
Input Coupling AC, AC-LF, TV, DC.
Input Impedance 1M ohms // 30pF ▒10%.
Max. Input Voltage 400V (DC + AC peak).
Signal Delay Time At least 20ns visible delay.
Vertical Modes CH1, CH2, TRIG view in ALT or CHOP mode, CH1 and CH2 Algebraic ADD and SUBTRACT.
Chop Frequency 500KHz per channel.
Cross Talk Better than 100:1 at 50MHz.
Bandwidth Limiter Frequency response can be limited to approx. 20MHz by bandwidth limiter switch.
Operating Modes A, A INTEN, A&B ALT, B, X-Y (CH1 as X amplifier).
Sweep Mode Auto, Auto Preset, Normal, Single.
A Time Base 20ns/div to 0.5s/div (2ns/div to 50ms/div at x10 MAG) 23 steps in 1-2-5 sequence, variable vernier control (range 1, 2, 5). (UNCAL - LED indication) provides fully adjustable sweep time between steps.
Accuracy ▒3%.
Hold-off Time Continuously variable.
B Time Base (Continuous triggered delay) 20ns/div to 50ms/div (2ns/div to 5ms/div at x10 MAG) 20 steps in 1-2-5 sequence.
Accuracy ▒3%.
Delay Time 0.5Ás to 5 sec continuous variable 10 turn calibrated vernier.
Delay Jitter 1 : 20,000.
Sweep Magnification x10 ▒4%.
Linearity ▒2%, ▒4% at x10 MAG.
Trigger System A source : Int, Mains, Ext, Ext/10.
Coupling : AC, AC-LF, TV (Frame), DC.
Slope : + or -.
Mode : Auto, Normal, Autopreset.
B source : Int, Mains, Ext, Ext/10.
Coupling: AC, AC-LF, TV (Line), DC.
Slope : + or - .
Mode : Normal, Runs After Delay.
External Trigger  
Input TRIG view for A sweep and TRIG view for B sweep.
Input Impedance Same as TRIG view amplifiers A & B.
Max. Voltage 400V (DC + AC peak).
Trigger Indication Green LED lights when sweep is triggered.
Trigger sensitivity in Normal Mode : Source
4Hz-10MHz 0.3div 35mV
10MHz-50MHz 0.5div 50mV
50MHz-100MHz 1.5div 200mV
DC-10MHz 0.3div 35mV
10MHz-50MHz 0.5div 50mV
50MHz-100MHz 1.5div 200mV
  EXT/10 1.5V
X-Y Mode X-axis CH1, Y-axis CH2.
Sensitivity 2mV/div to 5V/div.
Accuracy ▒3%.
Bandwidth DC ~ 3MHz (-3dB).
Phase Shift ▒3║ at 150KHz.
CRT Type 150 mm rectangular with internal graticule.
Display Area 8 x 10 div (1 div = 1 cm).
Accelerating Voltage 14KV.
Phosphor P31.
Scale Illumination Continuously variable.
Trace Rotation Side panel adjustable.
Z-Axis (Intensity Modulation) TTL level or 5V +ve going signal decreases trace intensity.
Usable upto DC-20MHz.
Input Resistance 47K ohms ▒10%.
Max. Input 50V (DC + AC peak).
CAL OUT 0.3V p-p ▒1%, square wave 1KHz ▒2%.
CH1 SIG OUT Output voltage 10mV/div approx. (cascading to CH2 input increases CH1 sensitivity to 400ÁV/div upto 10MHz).
Other Outputs A GATE, B GATE.
Power Requirement 115V/230V AC ▒10%, 47/65Hz, 70VA (max.).
Dimensions 162 (H) x 335 (W) x 500 (D) mm approx.
Weight 10 Kgs. approx.
Accessories Instruction Manual, 2 Input BNC Leads, Mains cord.
Optional : High impedance x1/x10 switchable probe (Model 309), Trolley (Model 304).