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  • Software for FFT, RS-232C/GPIB (Win 95/98 based)
  • Analog Bandwidth : 100MHz (-3dB) for each Channels
  • 2mV/div Sensitivity
  • Memory 16K Words for Each Channel
  • Color LCD Display, Resolution 320 x 240, VGA
  • Sampling Rate 100 MS/s
  • Single Shot Digital Bandwidth 25MHz
  • Horizontal Resolution 100 picoseconds
  • Equivalent Time Sampling 10GS/s
  • Store and Recall
  • Zoom
  • Cursor for DV, DT, 1/DT Measurements
  • Auto Calibration Facility
  • MATHS Function
  • Edge & Video Triggering
Technical Specifications
Sampling Mode / Rate Real-Time   Equ-Time
Sampling    Sampling
100MS/s    10GS/s
Average Value Sampling times should be N times for all channels and N is selected within 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128.
Input Coupling DC, AC, GND.
Input Impedance 1Mohms 2% // 15pF 3pF.
Setting of Probe Attenuating Parameter 1x, 10x, 100x, 1000x.
Maximum Input Voltage 400V (DC+AC peak).
Time Delay between Channels (Typical) 150ps.
Analogue Digital Transformer (A/D) Resolution 8 bit. Sampling at two channels at the same time.
Sensitivity (V/DIV), Range (V/div) 2mV/div, -5V/div (at BNC).
Offset Range 0.5 screen.
Analogue Bandwidth 100MHz.
Single Shot Bandwidth 25MHz.
Selectable Analogue Bandwidth Limit (Typical) 20MHz.
LF Response (AC Coupling) <10Hz (BNC).
Rise Time (Typical on BNC) About 3.5ns.
DC Gain Accuracy 2mV/div to 5V/div, 3% (Sampling or Average Sampling mode).
DC Measurement Accuracy (Average Sampling mode) Vertical Position is 0 and N>16 : (3%x0.1div and 10mV/div or more is selected).
Vertical Position is not 0 and N>6 : [3%x (Reading + Reading on Vertical Position) + (1% x Reading on Vertical Position) + 0.2div]. Setting Value is from 2mV/div to 200mV/div adding 2mV. Setting value is from 200mV/div to 5V/div adding 50mV.
Measurement Accuracy of Voltage Waveforms Difference (DV) (Average Sampling Mode) At the same setting and condition, more than 16 are acquired and averaged, the voltage difference between any two points at the waveform (DV) : (3% x Reading + 0.05div).
Sampling Rate Range 10S/s - 100MS/s (Real-time), 10GS/s (Equ-Time).
Waveform Inserted (sinx)/x.
Recording Length 16k sampling dots for each channel (Close Fast Trigger).
2k sampling dots for each channel (Open Fast Trigger).
Sweep Rate (s/div)
range (s/div)
5ns/div - 5s/div in 1-2-5 sequence.
Ultra Zoom to 2.5ns/div.
Accuracy of Sampling Rate and Delay Time 100ppm (any) >1ms Time Intervals.
Measurement Accuracy of Time Intervals (DT) Full bandwidth 1%.
Trigger Sensitivity (Edge Trigger) DC Coupling
CH1 & CH2 : 1div (DC~10MHz)
EXT : 100mV (DC~10MHz),
200mV (10MHz~100MHz)
EXT/5 : 500mV (DC~10MHz).
AC Coupling
50Hz & above : same with DC.
LF Reject
Same with the trigger sensitivity on DC coupling when the frequency is over 100kHz to attenuate the signals 8kHz below.
HF Reject
Same with the trigger sensitivity when DC~10kHz to attenuate the signals 150kHz over.
Trigger TTL Range INT : 8 div from the screen center.
EXT : 1.6V.
EXT/5 : 8V.
Accuracy of Trigger TTL (Typical) Accuracy for the signals of rise time and fall time >20ns INT : (0.3div x V/div)
(Range : Screen center 4 div)
EXT : (6% setting value + 40mV)
EXT/5 : (6% setting value + 200mV).
Set TTL to 50% (Typical) Operation at the frequency of more than 50Hz.
Pre-setting Video Trigger Trigger mode is set to Auto and coupling mode AC.
Trigger Sensitivity (Video Trigger, Typical) INT : 2div
EXT : 400mV
EXT/5 : 2V.
Signal Type and V/H frequency (Video Trigger mode) Any NTSC, PAL and SECAM broadcast system of horizontal and vertical can be measured.
Cursor Manual : Voltage difference between cursors (DV).
Time difference between cursors (DV).
The reciprocal of DT (Hz) (1/(DV)T).
Tracing Mode : Voltage and time of the dot on waveform.
Auto measurement: Display cursors in Auto Measurement mode.
Auto Measurement Peak to Peak, maximum,minimum, top, bottom, average, even root value, frequency, cycle, rise time, fall time, positive pulse width, negative pulse width, delay 1- >2 f, delay 1- >2 f.
Display Type 5.7 colorful screen of Liquid Crystal display.
Display Resolution 320 (H) 240 (V).
Display Color VGA, 256 color.
Display Contrast Adjustable.
Strength against Light (Typical) 60 candle / square meter.
Output Voltage (Typical) About 5V, >1mW loading.
Frequency (Typical) 1kHz, 2kHz, 6kHz.
Power Voltage 110/240V RMS (10%) from 45Hz to 400Hz, CAT II.
Consumption Less than 50W.
Fuse 2A, Grade T, 250V.
Temperature Operation 10C to +30C.
Non-operation 0C to +40C.
Cooling Method Naturally ventilating.
Humidity +30C below : <80% relative humidity.
+30C to +40C : <60% relative humidity.
Elevation Operation 3,000 meter
Non-operation 15,000 meter.
Dimension 288(L) x 350(W) x 145(H) mm.
Weight 4.5 Kg.
5.6 Kg. (with package).
Standard Accessories Two probes : length : 1.5m, 1:1/10:1. When the switch is on 1x position, the probe is of 6MHz bandwidth and it is classified to 150V CAT Grade II. And when it is on 10x position, the probe is 100MHz classified to 300V CAT Grade II.
Power cable meeting the national standard.
Operating Manual.
Optional Accessories  
FFT Module EM3-FFT.The instrument can detect the module when the power is turned on if the module is inserted into the rear panel of the oscilloscope. The FFT function would be added automatically to the function menu.
RS-232 EM3-232.The instrument can detect the module when the power is turned on if it is inserted into the rear panel directly. The module is compatible with RS-232 completely. It can supply the function of Serial Communication and also it has the function of FFT module.
GPIB--RS-232 EM3-CM. The instrument can detect the module when the power is turned on if the module is inserted into the rear panel. And the module is compatible with RS-232 completely. It can supply the function of GPIB and serial communication and also it has the function of FFT module.
Software UltraScope for WIN95/98.