M2234A Portable Digital Tachometer


    The Meter is a Digital Photo tachometer. Measuring RPM is safe and accurate without attachment to object. It has wide measuring range and high resolution. The last value/max. Value/min. Value will be automatically store in memory and can be obtained by pressing MEMORY CALL BUTTON.

  • Test Range: 0 - 99999 RPM --- Accuracy: +/- 0.05%

  • Sampling Time: 0,1 SEC.(Over 60RPM)

  • Test range select: Automatic

  • Memory: Max - Min

  • Detecting: from 50mm to 150mm (max.300mm)

  • Max display LCD Size: 99999/18.5 X 48 mm

  • Dimension: LxWxH; 72 X 190 X 38 mm

  • Weight: 250g