FM Radio Systems Trainer FM2962

    Equipment Capability
    Practical work includes:
  • Frequency Modulation
  • Basic FM Reception
  • Stereo Transmission
  • Stereo Reception
  • Fault Finding

A pair of open board units, one an FM Stereo Generator the other an FM Stereo Receiver.
The Receiver circuits operate over the range 88-108MHz and the generator provides a fixed output frequency of 100MHz with a 19KHz pilot tone.

The Generator output is only a few milliwatts, thus the transmission distance is extremely limited.
Direct connection may also be used, for which no licence is required.
The Receiver has an IF frequency of 10.7MHz in stereo or mono mode and may be used with an external antenna to receive normal broadcast signals.
Switched faults may be introduced on both Generator and Receiver units.

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