AM Radio Systems Trainer AM2961

Separate Generator and Receiver boards operate on AM/DSB/SSB. The AM circuits operate in the MF broadcast band while DSB/SSB is in the 80m 'ham band'.
The Receiver may be used with an external antenna to receive normal broadcast and amateur radio signals.
Output from the Generator is only a few milliwatts, limiting the transmission distance.
Direct connection may also be used, for which a licence is not required. A range of switchable faults may be introduced on both the Generator and Receiver units.

Equipment Capability
Practical work includes:

  • Familiarisation & On-air Reception
  • Amplitude Modulation & Frequency Changing
  • Envelope Detection & Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Double-Sideband Transmission & Reception
  • Single-Sideband Transmission & Reception
  • Fault Finding

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