Fibre Optic Trainers

    Equipment Capability
    Practical work includes:
  • Properties of light
  • Infra-red radiation
  • Optical-fibre technology
  • Opto-electronic devices
  • Optical-fibre attenuation
  • Analogue transmission methods
  • Digital transmission methods

    The Educator consists of a transmitter, a receiver, fibre-optics cable, electrical connectors and accessories.
    The equipment is supplied in a purpose designed carrying case and includes a manual and communication systems textbook.

    The Fibre-Optics Educator is supported by a Fibre-Optics Monitor (EFO1105) which consists of a transmitter and receiver, designed to measure signals carried by fibre-optic cables and a Power Meter (EFO1102) for measuring power levels at optic cable terminations.

Telephone, digital data and many other forms of signal are now transmitted for long distances along fibre-optic cable.
The understanding of this transmission medium is increasingly important to those involved in telecommunications engineering.

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