Antenna Modelling System AMS 506


A unique antenna modelling system designed to be used to teach and demonstrate common antenna configurations, and as a design tool in the research and development of antennas.
The equipment consists of two one meter high towers; one contains a low power transmitter, controlled by a frequency synthesiser, and a motor/shaft encoder assembly to rotate the antenna.

The antenna system being investigated is mounted on a small platform on the top of the tower.

The other contains a receiver controlled by a frequency synthesiser which produces an output proportional to the received signal intensity.
The antenna mounted on this tower is a wideband, 4Ślog periodic array and is not normally changed.

The towers are linked by a five metre multiway cable carrying both power and data. The transmitter tower is linked to a microcomputer by a similar cable.

A selection of components is supplied with the system to enable most common types of antenna to be constructed: monopole, dipole, yagi, log periodic, stacked and bayed yagis, horn etc.

Measurements are controlled, and results plotted by the computer software which provides high quality graphic displays.
E & H plane plot displays vividly show the antenna directivity.
The results are quantitative and, within the limits of environmental factors, agree with theory.

Ancillary Equipment - IBM-AT computer or compatible with VGA graphics and monitor.

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