Antenna Systems Demonstrator ASD512

Antenna Systems Demonstrator ASD512
    Instrument Capability
    Practical assignments cover:
  • Extended circuit; Radiation
  • Balanced currents in an extended circuit
  • Balanced feeder
  • End-fed vertical antenna
  • Altering the effective length of an antenna
  • Practical top-loaded antennas
  • Directional antennas with driven elements
  • Parasitic elements
  • Slot radiator
  • Loop antennas

A fully operational demonstrator of ideal size for classroom use; the working frequency 167.2MHz giving a half-wavelength of approximately 90cm.

Many types of antenna can be constructed from the component parts, making it an extremely versatile and effective demonstrator of antenna principles and practice. Considerable use is made of illuminated displays which show the relative magnitude of voltage and current fields associated with each antenna.

Students are able to observe the field strength and polarisation of radiated signals at a distance from the antenna.

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