The Microwave Trainer is a WG16 waveguide-based trainer which enables students to investigate the principles of microwave transmission systems.

It is a package suitable for use in courses ranging from technician studies to degree level. Background theory and structured, stand-alone assigments are provided for:

  • Basics of Frequency and Wavelength.
  • Measurement of VSWR.
  • Measurement of Microwave Power.
  • Detector Characteristic.
  • Measurement of Impedance.
  • Microwave Tuner.
  • Directional Coupler.
  • Series and Shunt Tees.
  • Horn Antenna - Microwave Propagation in Space.
  • Doppler Radar.
  • Use of Coaxial Cable.

The Microwave Trainer is a self-contained package with all components, power supplies, modulator and measuring equipment included.

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