The Microstrip Trainer presents the basic principles and techniques of microstrip components and technology simply and comprehensively.
Only some elementary electronics knowledge is assumed.

Background theory and structured, stand-alone assignments are provided for:

  • Power source and detector action.
  • Action of 3-port circulator.
  • Insertion loss measurement.
  • Return loss, reflection coefficient and VSWR measurements.
  • Matching investigations.
  • Properties of a power divider and rat-race coupler.
  • Dielectric constant & line loss measurements.
  • dc biasing and MIMIC amplifier investigations.
  • PIN diode modulator investigations.
  • Microwave radio link and antenna investigations.

The Microstrip Trainer contains 18 passive components and 3 active microstrip circuits.
The hardware is of high quality construction and is designed to be used with basic test equipment. Realistic, quantitative results can be obtained.

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