Teknikit Telephony Trainers with Discovery software

Integrated hardware and Discovery software workstations cover telephone, multiplexing and modulation principles and digital telephony.

Telephony Training System

An introduction to the principles and practice of modern telephone systems comprising two workboards with accompanying Discovery software.
    Telephone & Interface Workboard covering:
  • telephone signalling
  • telephone speech subscriber's line interface circuit (SLIC)
  • dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) signalling
  • SLIC hybrid
  • testing

    TDM/PCM Principles Workboard covering:
  • sampling
  • interference
  • companding
  • pulse code modulation (PCM)
  • filtering
  • multichannel PCM

Digital Switching System

A controller, workboard and four telephones, with accompanying Discovery software, cover the operation of modern digital telephone systems and switches from the hardware aspects of time and space switching to the many aspects of digital telephone switching and control.
  • local signalling
  • digital switch control
  • line scan
  • call records
  • line records
  • line maps
  • state transition
  • call progress
  • manual control
  • testing
  • traffic

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