Robotics, CNC and FMS

Robotics, CNC and FMS

Robotics is an integral part of many manufacturing systems and are we can offer a wide range of products including simple Anthropomorphic Robotics, Precision Robots, CNC Lathes, Milling Machines and Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS).

  • MENTOR Desk Top Robot with Gripper
  • GRYPHON EC Precision Robot
  • KESTREL Precision Gantry robot

    A range of grippers is available for the above robots

    CNC Machines:
  • CYBER MILL Bench Top CNC Mill
  • CYBER LATHE Bench Top CNC Lathe

Mentor Desk Top Robot
    Work Cell Components:
    500mm Conveyor with Guide Bars and Belt
    1000mm Conveyor with Guide Bars and Belt
    1500mm Conveyor with Guide Bars and Belt conveyors up to 5m long are available
    Indexing Table
    Infra-Red Position Zero Sensor for Indexing Table
    Infra-Red Component Sensor
    Microswitch Sensor
    Horizontal Gauging Unit
    Vertical Gauging Unit
    Automatic Parts Dispenser
    Work Cell Expansion Unit

    Computer Interfaces and Leads:
  • RJ45 Interface Board
  • IBM Turbo Board

Composite Work Cells: A wide range of turn-key work cells is available.