Electronic Control of Machines

This kit shows the operation of various types of machine control circuit. It comprises two boards, one of which carries a universal machine which may be controlled by ac or dc voltages.
The content of the manual is aimed at giving a practical understanding of machine control using a non-mathematical approach to the subject.
The assignments are:
  • Familiarisation
  • Silicon controlled rectifier
  • SCR as a simple controller
  • Characteristic of the Triac
  • The Unijunction Transistor
  • Phase angle control of a dc Series motor
  • Speed Measurement
  • Frequency to voltage conversion
  • Speed regulation of a dc Series motor
  • Closed loop control of a Series motor
  • Triac control of an ac Series motor
  • Closed loop control of a Series motor
  • Effect of feedback on speed-torque

Ancillary Test Equipment required
    2 Multimeters
    1 Digital Frequency Meter (optional)
    1 Oscilloscope
Power Requirements
    0 - 20V dc variable, 350mA
    15V dc, 300mA
    25V ac, 300mA
    5, 45 & 50V ac, 1A