Pressure Process Control System
Pressure Process Control System 38-004
  • Benchtop system.
  • Air used as the process fluid.
  • Fully gauged for pressure and flow rate.
  • Differential and gauge Pressure Sensors.
  • Pneumatically operated control valve.
  • Standard industrial components.

Pressure Process Control System is a single loop pneumatic control system which allows study of the principles of process control pressure as the process variable to be controlled.

    This Control System includes:
  • Pressure Process Rig.
  • Process Interface.
  • Process Controller.
  • Pressure Sensor Pack.
  • Digital Display Module.
  • Discovery Software.

The Pressure Process Rig consists of a low pressure air circuit supported on a bench-mounted panel, making it suitable for individual student work or for group demonstration.

    The circuit includes:
  • Input supply filter/drier.
  • Input converter.
  • Pneumatically operated control valve.
  • 2 Regulators.
  • 4 Manual valves.
  • 6 Gauges.
  • Sight flow meter.
  • Orifice Block with changeable Orifice Plates.
  • Differential Pressure Sensor.
  • Process Pressure Sensor.
  • 27 litre Air Receiver Tank.
  • 20psi Safety Relief Valve.
  • Diffusers.

Discovery Software, similar to that for the other Process Control Systems, is provided and the assignments that can be performed are:

  • Introduction
  • Pressure Rig Familiarisation
  • Pressure Rig Calibration
  • Interface Familiarisation
  • Interface Calibration
  • Controller Familiarisation
  • Controller Calibration
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • Manual Controlr.
  • Proportional Control: Pressure
  • Proportional Control: Flow
  • PI & PID: Pressure Control
  • PI & PID: Flow Control
  • Process Controller: Advanced


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