Transformers Winding Machines
For wires from Ø mm0,1 to mm 2,8;
Max diameter of bobbins mm 260
Minimal length of bobbins mm 5 max mm 218;
Winding spindle Ø mm. 10
Distance between centres mm 290;
Single pahse motor included with protective crankase
4 winding speeds 370, 650, 1150 and 1950 rpm; 2 speed gear
Mechanical reversal: automatic or hand reversal;
Clockwise rotation of the machine (if required it can be c-clokwise)

    The machine is usually supplied with:
  • N.1 Bobbin-holder THR/R for wires Ø mm 0,30 to 3,50;
  • N.1 Bobbin-holder TC for wires Ø mm 0,05-0,20
  • N.1 Special bobbin-holder column
  • N.1 Three phase motor with incorporated clutch 220/380V
  • N.1 Table with drawer of steel-sheet
  • N.1 Mechanical revolution counter with 5 digit.
  • Weight: net: 125 Kg
  • Dimensions mm 800 x 800 x 1600
Winding machine equipped
with accessories mounted
on machine-table,
ready for operation

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