All generators have been specifically designed to perform any kind industrial function; their mechanical dimensions are such that perfect working is guaranteed.
Generators are built with fully-laminated quadrangular stator with interpoles and, from axis height 132, they can be completed with stabilising / pole-face windings.
All the generators are realised according to the following special features:
- high power/size ratio.
- excellent dynamics response to speed variation
The windings are insulated and impregnated with class H materials, while the motor thermal exploitation is realised according to F class.

Rotor packages are obtained by packaging very low-loss magnetic sheets which are insulated on both sides.
Winding are made of wire or metal-strip twin-lead insulated with a class H resins and impregnated with oven-polymerised insulated varnish which guarantee the best dielectric and mechanical features.
Usually corrugated or lap windings are used.
In generators with an axis height over 200, a special winding, the so-called "frog’s-foot" winding is used.
Windings are connected to the commutator either by means of electrode welding or by means of tinning with alloys able to withstand temperatures over 180°C.
Winding end plates are fixed by means of fibre-glass bindings.

With the exception of axis height 250, commutators are built for all sizes, by means of die-casting. This is done in such a way that an escape velocity much greater than the maximum motor speed is guaranteed.

The stator magnetic circuits are obtained by means of high-pressure packaging of magnetic sheets, tightened by rivets, up to the axis height of 132.
From axis height 160, they are compacted inside an iron structure built in the workshop
. Coils wound with class H - insulated wire are impregnated with the same varnish which is used for the rotor; this process guarantees that they may be used for a long time in humid or dusty conditions.
Coils are connected with flexible wires joined together by special bands/strips able to withstand high temperatures.

The construction shapes of generators are normally IM B3 or IM B5 or derivatives as per the contents of UNEL 05513 - DIN 42950 - IEC 34-7 (Code 1-2) table.

Table of Size - Power - Output Voltage
SizePower (kW)Output Voltage
80 S0,81 - 3,91On Request
80 M1,20 - 4,77On Request
80 L1,36 - 6,30On Request
90 M1,76 - 7,32On Request
90 L2,21 - 9,23On Request
90 P1,88 - 11,26On Request
100 M4,11 - 12,80On Request
100 L4,30 - 16,30On Request
100 P5,50 - 20,20On Request
112 M8,10 - 23,8On Request
112 L9,50 - 26,4On Request
112 P9,90 - 31,30On Request
132 BS11,10 - 40,60On Request
132 BM15,90 - 11,10On Request
160 S24,10 - 79,60On Request
160 M31,10 - 93,10On Request
160 L29,90 - 109On Request
160 LB37,9 - 137,5On Request
200 AK33,5 - 121,5On Request
200 AS41 - 140On Request
200 AM47 - 152On Request
200 AL56 - 159On Request
200 ALB67 - 178On Request

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