The L3000 consist of three decades made up of coils wound in ferrite pots and mounted on printed circuit boards.
I valori di induttanza sui terminali di uscita possono essere impostati da 0 mH a 999mH in passi di 1 mH mediante tre commutatori.
Inductance on output terminals is set from 0 mH to 999 mH in steps of 1mH by three switches. Values are read-off directly from the front panel.
Inductance deviation from rated value is within limits of + 0 - 5% at In/2.
(In is the rated current loading given in the table for individual decade steps for which the declared inductance increases for 2%)
Permitted continous current loading to 100mA corresponds to most requirements occurring in every practice.
Technical data
Inductance range
--Three decades
X 100 mH
X 1.000 mH
X 10.000 mH
Accuracy in temp range from
15C a 40C a In/2
0...999 mH

0...9 mH
0...90 mH
0...900 mH

+ o - 5%
Inductance deviation (ðL/L)
due to current variation from In/2 to In
Capacitance between coils and housing
Test voltage against housing
Continous current load

50 pF
1.5 kV
max. 100 mA
205 X 85 X 175mm
1.15 Kg

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