The C2000 consist of three decades made of high-quality tropicalised styroflex capacitors with accuracy 1%.
Capacitance values on output terminals ca be set from 100pF to 100.000pF in steps of 100pF with three selector switches.
Switches and capacitors are protected by a special internal housing connected to a common terminal of all capacitors (central terminal) and fastened to the outer housing over insulation plates.
Capacitance between both housing is 100pF +/- 2% and is not added to the decade capacitance except when the upper terminal is connected to the external housing.
The extremely high d.c. insulation resistance of the C2000 allows the device to be used in d.c. circuits.
Permitted operating voltage corresponds to most requirements occuring in everyday practice.
To discharge the capacitor a pushbutton is used to connect the capacitor to earth via a 100kohm resistor.
Technical data
Capacitance range
--Three decades
X 100 pF
X 1.000 pF
X 10.000 pF

100...1.000 pF
1.000...9.000 pF
10.000...90.000 pF
+ 0 - 2%
Loss angle (tgð)
X 100 pF
X 1.000 pF
X 10.000 pF

max. 0.0005 a100 kHz
max. 0.0004 a10 kHz
max. 0.0004 a1 kHz
Max frequency
X 100 pF
X 1000 pF
X 10000 pF

9 MHz
2 MHz
500 KHz
Max operating volotage
Test voltage against
external housing
Capacitance between both housing
Insulating resistance
Capacitor discharging


400 V dc - 250 V ac

1.5kV ac
100 pF + o - 2%
min. 10000 m ohm
with pushbutton Discharge
on 100 k resistor
205 X 85 X 175 mm
1.35 Kg.

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