MOD.2203 - ARON measure system
System for ARON measurements
General purpose set for measurement of current, voltage and Active power in single-phase and three-phase three wire Balanced or unbalanced system.
The used ARON enables to calculate also power factor, reactive and apparent power.

It is made up of the following instruments:
2 electrodynamic Wattmeters
Current ranges: 2,5 - 5A;
Voltage range: 300-600V;
2 moving iron ammeters Ranges: 2,5 - 5A;
1 Moving iron Voltmeter Ranges 150-300-600V;
1 Vibrating-reed frequency meter Range: 45-55Hz;
1 Phase sequence indicator, indication by neon lamps;
2 Current selection switches for the change of the current range also under load;
3 Voltage selector switch for the change of the voltage range;
3 voltage reversing switches for wattmeters;
1 selector switch for Aron measurements;
2 pair of current terminals;
3 voltage terminals and neutral;

All the instruments are rectangular type, dimensions 165 x 140 mm and they are mounted a suitable pannel, which is inserted on a carrying case.
All the ranges can be used through safety terminals.
All the instruments are class 0,5.
Dimensions: 600 X 600 X 200 - Weight 10kg

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